Check out some of my work below!


Here are a few examples of the sort of projects I have undertaken in the past. You can also see my work to get an idea of the high quality I strive to achieve on every photo shoot.


I always make sure that I ask my clients before I publish any of their work on my public site, so if you'd like to use my services but wouldn't like the results displayed on here then please just let me know; absolutely no offence is taken! The photos are yours to enjoy.

If I've taken photos for you in the past ,and you are looking for the originial photos to download (unwatermarked) then just head over to the Originals tab of my site, and click on your shoot ID. You'll need the password which I've provided you with. If you need a reminder of this, just let me know!

Studio Shoots Photos by Keeley

Since acquiring my portable studio in early 2016, I've loved playing with different effects to create high quality images to capture memories for years to come. My studio consists of a backdrop and studio lights which I can alter to create most effects, whether you're looking for normal softer lighting, or something a litte more moody... I'm always open to trying new things!


Currently I base my studio at Torrington Conservative Club and am happy to conduct shoots from there Mon-Thurs during the day when the premises are closed to the public, so if you'd like some photos like these taken in a relaxed studio environment then get in touch via the contact page!

Studio Shoots

(Coming Soon!)

Wedding Photography Photos by Keeley

Here are a few wedding photo shoots which I've assisted with, and I've really loved the results here; as have the happy couples in each case! Weddings create some of the most special memories in a person's life, and so I'm proud and honoured to be able to help to capture these.


I don't currently offer a solo wedding package. As a young and learning photographer, I feel that the pressure of someone's special day is too much to take on as a solo task. However, I'm more than happy to work alongside another photographer, if you have someone for your main event, or I'm happy to take photos at an evening party for you as a solo photographer. You'll see some examples of this by clicking on the photo to the left.

Events - Photos by Keeley

Photographing events is where my real love of photography started. Whilst I took photos before this when I was out and about, the essence of being able to capture people and moments is a real passion of mine, because it allows those involved to look back and appreciate the past, often landmark events in people's lives, and to see people happy with the results makes this worth it!


I'm more than happy to cater for any event at which you would like photograph's taken. In the past I have taken photos at Rotary International President's Nights for Great Torrington Rotary, as well as evening parties at weddings, birthday celebrations and more. Click to the left to see some examples of my work, and please let me know if I can help to capture a significant moment for you!

Portraiture Portfolio - Photos by Keeley

Portraiture is something which has always fascinated me. Portraits traditionally such as the Mona Lisa have captured the hearts and imaginations of generations of individuals and, whilst I may not be able to make as significant a dent in the artistic world as these, I believe that through creative and imaginative photography, I am able to capture the essence of an individual.


My portraiture work in the past has been used for applications to drama and dance colleges, but has also just been for fun, to capture people enjoying themselves and showing their true selves through dramatic imagery. If you like what you see and I can help you with any portraiture work, please contact me and I'll be more than happy to assist you!